What Are The New Features Of WhatsApp Application?

Everyone smartphone user is aware of WhatsApp messenger, it is a free application available on Android and iOS devices and is socially most used application to connect to a larger group of people on a single platform. It is a freeware messaging application where people can communicate with many people or group via multiple chats at the same time without any cost. It can be operated on mobile phones and computer with working data plan and has amazing features including sharing pictures, videos, location, contacts and broadcast messages to many people in one time, individually in each conversation.

Since the evolution of this messenger application, its features have been changed many times and it has been upgraded for the beneficiary of people including display, privacy, voice message, voice call and video call for free to any part of the world. It is now held by Facebook and new and latest features are introduced every year to make it more resourceful for people. It is the most installed and used social messaging platform to date.

WhatsApp Messenger has introduced five latest features for its users. They are as follows-

  • 1. The group video calling is available to a few users for now and will be available to all users in some time. It will enable its users to add more people during an on-going video call and hence, it can be turned into a group video call. This is one of the most amazing features of the Messenger.
  • 2. With the new research feature, users can easily create a report of information and settings of their messenger and can access it or port it another application. However, to make it secure, the personal messages won’t be included in the same. When the report is open, you can find all information regarding phone number, device type, IP connection, device manufacturer, display picture, all contacts, group contacts and also the list of blocked numbers.
  • 3. We all Play WhatsApp Dare Games with our friends through messages. Do you ever play Games on Social Media? This is the awesome Whatsapp dare games which you will play with anyone.
  • 4. Facebook has purchased WhatsApp and lately, it has introduced a new feature to connect both applications by its latest innovation. It is reported that now Facebook users can share their message to WhatsApp from the application by clicking on ‘share’ button and instantly the content will be shared with their friends and contacts.
  • 5. For users of Android business application, they will add ‘Chat filters’ which will be helpful for the admin to create business accounts and search messages faster. It will also enable users to categorize into unread chats, group chats, and broadcast messages. It is more likely the action button available to Instagram users where business accounts can be handled easily.

These amazing and innovative features have not reached the users yet and will be available to its users in quick time. They will add to the popularity of the messenger and is available at no cost to smartphone users.

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